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How much protein do you need?   People have made this statement over and over:   “You can get all the protein you need from a normal diet.”   But for WHAT “need”?   Are you just trying to sustain life or are you trying to build muscle or achieve premium muscles?   You need about 35 grams of protein daily for every 100 pounds of your body weight just to sustain life.    But research has shown that if you want to obtain maximum increases in lean mass and strength, you need at least five times that amount daily.   Now that’s a LOT of protein!   Additionally, an Oncologist can run tests which reveal whether or not you are missing MLH4 and PMS2 — and if you are missing them, it indicates you are at an elevated risk of cancer, so you need to be eating  a COMPLETE PROTEIN which contains ALL 22 amino acids!    You can’t get that from steak, but you CAN get high cholesterol from steak!   eeghaads….

A Little Known Secret:

GNLD buy now graphicDepending on how you use it, protein can actually influence your body’s ability to build muscle, gain weight or burn fat.   You can increase your body’s muscularity by increasing your protein intake.   Your muscles will become harder and have a fuller appearance when you get large amounts of protein — 1.5 to 2 grams per pound of body weight.   That will max out the amino acid content of the muscles.   At the same time, your hormonal system gets involved turning on a fat burning mode through the release of the hormone, glucagon.   Your body will start burning fat instead of storing fat.    Glucagon is released in response to a greater protein-to-carbohydrate ratio in your diet.   If you just lowered your carbohydrates you would lose a bunch of muscle…..which brings up another thought…..

If you go on a “no carb” or “low carb” diet, you should only eliminate the SIMPLE CARBS and continue with the complex carbs.    The human body was not designed to function without carbohydrates.   A better alternative would be to increase your protein, and when you eat carbs, get them from food that is as raw as you can get it and you will have your complex carbs.   SIMPLE CARBS are what you need to avoid.

Try It And See

If you just double your protein intake for a few days you will notice a big difference in terms of strength and muscularity.   Rheo H. Blair, one of the pioneers in bodybuilding nutrition, used this secret to perform bodybuilding miracles on hundreds of less than average physiques.   He transformed Jim Park from an average bodybuilder into Mr. America in less than four months.   (No steroids — this was in the 50′s.)   In the 60′s, Larry Scott became the first Mr. Olympia by using Blair’s methods to overcome genetic limitations.

All the great bodybuilders of the 50′s, 60′s and 70′s (Arnold, Frank Zane, Larry Scott, etc.) followed Blair’s advice and got in the best shape of their lives.   Just by increasing the protein in their diets, he had the secret of achieving steroid-like results without drugs.

Don’t have enough time in your day to eat all that protein?    Not sure if the protein you are eating is a COMPLETE protein with ALL 22 amino acids?    Try GNLD protein supplements. GNLD has several protein supplements available.   You can either gain weight or lose weight, depending on how you use them.

GNLD NeoLife’s Nourishake:   Repair and replace your cells with complete protein nutrition!    Only “complete” protein nutrition can help you build strong new cells, while repairing the old!  And, because your body cannot store protein, you need a continuous supply every day.

If you prefer not to drink a protein drink, GNLD NeoLife Premium All-Purpose Protein Powder answers the demand for a versatile, high-quality protein which can be added to the foods you usually prepare without the cholesterol!   It’s an easy and convenient way to increase the quality (low cholesterol) and quantity (contains all 22 amino acids) of the protein you consume.

GNLD NeoLife Super Ease Protein Drink provides superior quality complete protein with all 22 amino acids involved in human nutrition formulated to match the amino acid profile of whole egg.

GNLD NeoLife GR2 Control Meal Replacement Protein provides controlled-calorie, optimum nutrition, and our unique “glycemic edge” to promote good health and high energy. Use it to replace meals if you are trying to lose weight.

GNLD NeoLife protein powders supply a complete amino acid string.   “Complete” protein is a string of 22 amino acids.   If all 22 are not present, you lose out on all the benefits of cellular renewal & repair.

To see complete ingredients lists and to read more information about GNLD proteins, click on the “Read More” button here:
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